Our story

Barilo Brewery - A small family brewery

We are a small family brewery founded in 2018. The founder and head brewer is Tomislav Raos, assisted by his wife Klara. We are located in Dugi Rat, between Split and Omiš.

We prefer healthy and home-made food in our household, and a new challenge emerged in 2016 ... brewing our own beer!

After working abroad and studying and tasting different types of beer in Europe, brewer Tomislav decided to study the craft of brewing and started to brew his own beer. After experimenting and sharing with friends and acquaintances and receiving positive feedback, we started a new adventure - opening our own brewery!

Barilo means a small barrel, and the term used to mean a unit or measurement for all kinds, from oil to wine and salted fish. The brewery's logo consists of a donkey's head, hop cones and a barrel rim.


All our beers are completely natural and made from carefully selected food products, produced without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Our beers are well received locally and since we are in a tourist area, many foreign guests have a lot of praise for our beers from all over the world. We sell our beer locally in restaurants, bistros, bars and shops.

Our mission

Our ambition is to produce quality locally crafted beer. We produce three different styles with the names of the beers taken from the historical figures of the Omiš region: Mila Gojsalić, the pirate Malduk and the Native American Winnetou, about whom a film was made on the river Cetina.

We have brought the turbulent past of this historic region closer to all our visitors.