Style: Golden ale Alcohol: 5.0% IBU: 27 EBC: 11 Plato: 10,82% Calories: 168,86 kJ/100ml

To taste our beer is to awake your senses. Born from the fresh crisp water straight out of the river Cetina, we embellish our golden ale with the gentle flavours of the finest hops. Our MILA beer has a combination of 4 different strains of top-quality barley and is infused with 4 different types of the finest hops, brought together to arouse your palate. Brighten your day with our Golden Ale, which leaves a gentle citrus after taste from each sip.

All our beers from our Barilo craft brewery are made with traditional brewing methods, without the use of modern additives and using modern technology in controlled conditions, culminating in this gentle Golden Ale.

The Barley proteins in our Ale produces a mild cloudy beer, and at the bottom of the bottle is a thin film of yeast, which is also known to be a rich source of B complex vitamins. Our beer is 100% natural and its ideal serving temperature is 8 - 12 °C.


Why the name "MILA"?

Dedicated to Mila Gojsalić, a mythical figure from our Croatian history. In 1530, Ahmed Pasha, a Turkish fighter set out for Poljica. He set up camp in Podgrac in Gata, where Mila, a young villager from Kostanje in Zagora, was forcibly brought to him and raped. Mila slipped out of Pasha's tent during the night and pulled out a torch and entered the gunpowder tent. She set light to the gunpowder and it exploded killing all of the Pasha and most of the Turkish officers. Upon hearing the explosion, the people of Poljica attacked and defeated the Turks.

In memory of her heroic act, not far from the village of Gata, today there is a lookout point with a statue of this young heroine. She is rightly called Poljica's Joan of Arc. The impressive statue is the work of the world-famous Croatian artist Ivan Meštrović.