Pivovara Barilo

Heroes. Pirates. Native Americans. And craft beer.

That's Barilo.

We’ve crafted beer, local heroes and stories from across our region, from Mila, a heroine, to an Omiš pirate named Malduk and an American native Winnetou from the Apache tribe. All based around our local river Cetina and enshrined into our beer story.

  • A small family brewery.
  • Founded in 2018.
  • We brew to drink.
  • We drink because we’re thirsty.
  • We’re thirsty because we’re hungry.
We brew 4 styles of beer

Golden ale, Irish Red ale, American Pale Ale and American IPA

All our beers are completely natural and made from carefully selected foods, produced without the use of chemicals and pesticides.



Golden ale 5,0%

To taste our beer is to awake your senses. Born from the fresh crisp water straight out of the river Cetina, we embellish our golden ale with the gentle flavours of the finest hops. Our MILA beer has a combination of 4 different strains of top-quality barley and is infused with 4 different types of the finest hops, brought together to arouse your palate. Brighten your day with our Golden Ale, which leaves a gentle citrus after taste from each sip.

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Irish Red ale 5,1%

A traditional style Irish Red Ale (Leann Dearg) with hints of flavours, reminiscent of nature that take you back to the turbulent times of the pirates of Omiš. The balanced blend of 4 different strains of top-quality barley and 2 different types of the finest hops, steal your palate momentarily, with refreshingly homely tastes of caramel and grassy-floral characters.

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American Pale ale 5,3%

With the first sip this beer will connect you to the wild spirit of nature. The Apach beer brings you the finest aromas of hops grown on American plains. Wake up the Native American spirit within you and reward yourself with a pint of original beer which consists of 3 types of malt and 3 types of hops.

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American IPA 6,5%

Let our Squaw strike you with a hop-soaked arrow made with four American hops; Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade. Each hop piercing your senses with aromas of citrus, lemon, orange, grapefruit and tropical fruit.

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